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ECHO did a first rate job of spraying our yard. They were on time and sprayed the yard thoroughly. Brian found a Hobo Spider right outside my front door and several more in the bushes in our yard. We also had two Ant nests, one in the front and one in the back. ECHO came back today to see if everything was OK and to know if I was satisfied. I walked around with Brian, from ECHO Pest Control, and could not find one spider in the yard and both Ant nests are gone. Super job ECHO! I will definitely have you back again.

Ron P.

If you need pest help, you want to support a local family business, and you like paying a fair contract-free price, ECHO is your answer. First of all, Brian an awesome human to me. Secondly, he is a man of his word - the guarantee is legit. Finally, it works. I called Brian in a bit of a panic, as I was moving into a house converted from a garage, so the bug struggle was real, especially spiders. I'm not kidding when I tell you we vacuumed hundreds of spiders. The other company in Logan (you probably see their signs around...) wouldn't come out for a few days after my move-in date and that was just for a "consultation." Brian came out within 24 hours to spray my space AND my entire yard just because I really wanted treatment before moving in. No consultation. Just came. Sprayed. Left. As simple and easy as it should be. Did I mention I live in Logan? Yes, he drove up from Ogden just to spray! I saw instant results. He also sprayed the yard and we did intensive yard work a couple weeks later and I didn't see a single spider. A few weeks after the treatment, I saw one spider in my bedroom. Brian has a 100% guarantee, so if you see anything alive (we clarified this is other than humans or pets ), he will come spray again for free. Can you believe he did just that!? He drove up from Ogden as soon as possible to spray again. For. Free. I actually felt pretty terrible, because he obviously lost money on that, but he told me "this is my job" and smiled. Other than that, I haven't seen anything alive in my house former garage. Pretty impressive. He really is a quality human. I recommend him to everyone including you. Call him now. Honestly, don't consider any other options. This is your answer. He will get rid of everything. Probably within the next hour, because he's that awesome!

Sunshine K.

I'm usually a "do-it-yourself-er" but when I moved into my house and tried the bug spray from off the shelf at Lowes to control a serious earwig problem (it was bad! Once a week for the first few weeks in my house id wake up to one crawling on me in bed!) and didn't see a noticeable difference in the amount of bugs in my home I went to Brian with ECHO. He listened to my pest problems, told me what he would do to control the bug problem and even showed me places and problems I hadn't seen that would help mitigate the infestation. During his round inside and outside my house he pointed out other unwelcome pests. I had black widows in my garage, wolf spiders, hobo spiders and ants outside and a few inside and a large number of wasp nests under my eves and in my shed. He's got an eye for bugs and he took care of them all! He even followed up to make sure things were going well and that I hadn't seen any more bugs! Im impressed and very happy with his and ECHO'S service!

Tannon W.

Wonderful!!!! I feel totally relived, the service is beyond compare, Brian was awesome!


Awesome. Owner came. He had the best attitude and so friendly. He educated me of the types of spiders he had seen. I had yellow jackets...he was stung more than once but continued to smile and even joked. I will never use another service. Of all the different service Providers I've had, he was the most pleasant and professional. I'm a lifer with ECHO! Ill again See them in the spring.

Janda F.

Brian was fantastic! He came out the same day to help us take care of a bedbug situation. I was freaking out and he was calm and confident that he could take care of it right away. He went the extra mile with steaming, spraying, and dusting our whole house. He was patient with my hundreds of questions, and even offered me a warranty. It's been two weeks and we haven't seen another bug since (and the bites on my daughter have stopped....whew!). I would definitely recommend Brian, and he will be the first one I call if we need pest control in the future.

Ashley H.

Brian diagnosed our problem quickly and was extremely professional and fair. We won't hesitate using him again if the need arises and highly recommend his services.

Grant G.

Great communication. Showed up on time and did a fantastic job.

Larry B.

Thank you! Your services will be highly recommended.

Ann P.

Brian did an amazing job, very fast on replying. Needed work done the same day on a Sunday and he came right out without hesitation. Took care of the problem and gave us a 3-month guarantee. Will definitely recommend to other people and will use in the future if needed.

Braxton W.

Awesome service, had my parents’ house sprayed due to the nasty hobo spiders that come from their neighbor’s rocks, these things are a menace all year long, ECHO has been spraying my parents’ house now for about 2 years and our hobo, or any spider problem plus helps put with other pest like earwigs and ants. Highly recommend due to their great customer service and knowledge of what's best for your home, also pet friendly which is a huge plus since we have dogs. Look them and get a quote.

Juan G.

I had a fantastic experience with ECHO pest. I've tried taking care of our bug problems myself over the past few years with limited success and decided to bite the bullet and call a pro, so my wife could avoid spider and earwig nightmares this year. Brian was fast, courteous, and gave a good price. I received text updates with en route and completion times, and he had convenient scheduling and payment options. This was my first experience with a pest professional, and I am very pleased with the results ECHO has given me already. Give them a call - guaranteed work, GREAT customer service, pricing that won't leave you in tears either!

Jon S.

Excellent work. Would hire again.

Joshua H.

ECHO showed up on the day and time they were scheduled and went right to work and took about an hour to spray my yard. Brian showed me several hobo spiders he found in my yard one right in the doorway on the outside of my home also he showed me where I had two ant beds. ECHO came back today just to double check and we found no spiders or ants great job ECHO I look forward to having you come back again thank you.


If you are in need of a pest control then I wouldn't recommend anyone else besides Brian @ ECHO due to the fact he is super knowledgeable about what your home needs really are. He won't apply any random services in order to up the charge. We had a super bad Hobo spider problem and with 2 treatments it's almost as if there was no spider problem at all. He uses products that are not only child safe but pet friendly as well, even organic if you desire. Give him a call he will be more than glad to come out and he's super nice.

User 2180.

We had a major rodent problem and cockroach infestation and since they came and treated our home we have been pest free!! Amazing timely service and the most affordable out there. I highly recommend their services to everyone!! Thanks ECHO!!

Lisa P.

Seriously, if you have any Pest problems, you should give ECHO a call. Brian will do whatever is needed and the price is right. What a difference it has made in our home and yard. No more spiders, or ants. Problem solved, my wife is happy! Thanks, Brian

User 6175.

Brian is the best and also the tallest!

Steve W.

Brian came in and helped us take care of our bug problem. He explained how his service worked, talked about the products he was using and how we needed to care for our home afterwards to avoid the problem again. He was very responsive before and after the treatment, I would HIGHLY recommend again!"

Heather N.

Brian at ECHO services is great. They've never been late for an appointment, always follow-up on their action. On one occasion, Brian was unable to complete one of the services which I requested due to an equipment issue. ECHO services followed up with me - I never had to call to re-request the service - as soon as their equipment was in line. 99% of the companies out there, you're forced to hound and remind them to repair, but not with ECHO. 10/10, recommend them to anybody in my area needing pest control.

Philip E.

Professional, considerate, friendly, and informative--I most definitely intend to use ECHO Services for any of my pest needs from now on and will recommend this service to others. Thank you so much!

Lacey B.

This guy. He's a family man AND a certified SUPER HERO! After working for big pest control companies for six years and learning the trade, he decided he and his wife could start their own pest control business and they did just that. Not only did he charge us a lot less than the other guys, his work is much more personal AND his guarantee can't be beat. Call Brian Oberg @ ECHO Pest Control (801) 675-6455. You'll be glad you did! I promise. p.s. we had a Hobo Spider INFESTATION!! Brian not only annihilated the wicked vermin, he went around and removed EVERY WEB HE COULD FIND! And, boy let me tell ya, there were LOTS of those webs on our big "green wall" (fitzer hedge). Shop local and support small business!

Sheri M.

I had spiders everywhere. My bushes looked like they were decorated for Halloween. Brian sprayed everything. Haven't had a problem since. Great service at a very good price.

Kevin B.

Brian was so great, he is a very personable guy. His prices are unbelievable; he does quality work for half the price of all the other company's out there. He also went above and beyond; He sprayed outside for spiders on top of what I originally called him to do. Definitely give him a call!!!

Shelby H.

Got my black widow problem taken care of quick! Nice, professional and great prices. Will definitely use them again.

Amber B.

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