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Commercial Pest Control
We offer lower prices for commercial customers than other pest control companies because we know ourselves; that business expenses add up. We want to help your business grow in Utah. We want to help you keep your office, employees, and products protected. We practice the safest techniques when applying our products. That combined with our excellent guarantee you won't have to worry about hidden fees, surprise costs and extra charges.
Residential Pest Control
We have treated every size home on the market and we know how to treat each and every one with confidence and care. We do not overcharge for the same treatments that other pest control companies in Utah provide. We are always courteous and only perform safe and effective pest control services. We are experienced at handling every type of Utah pest so we are confident we can rid you of your current pests and prevent future pests. With our trusted technicians and safe techniques, you know you are in good hands.
Guaranteed Pest Control
We back all of our pest control treatments with a full guarantee! No matter what frequency or service you get, it will come will a great guarantee. For one-time treatments you are covered for 30 days. With Quarterly treatments you have an unlimited guarantee that lasts as long as you are receiving quarterly treatments. Even our Cockroach Treatment and Bed Bug treatment come with this guarantee. We've got you covered!
Initial Inspections
We will complete a thourogh walk through and check all the places that pests travel, colinize and breed. Once we find the problem pests and where they are breeding,entering and living. We will then provide you with a Targeted Pest Plan to eliminate all pests at your home or office if you want to proceed with treatment.

Free Inspections
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Who We are
We are a locally owned family business located on the Wasatch Front. We provide professional pest control for residential and commercial clients. We take great pride in our relationships with our customers and will always treat you like family. We love bringing a family touch to the world of business.
No Contracts
There is no need for you to sign a contract for pest control services with us. We don't believe in locking people down in a contract if you don't feel comfortable doing so. We believe that you should be able to find the perfect fit when it comes to your pest control provider.
Timely Services
We offer many service frequencies. One Time, Monthly, Quarterly and Periodically. We pay close attention to what types of pests that are in and around your home. We do a thorough inspection throughout your home and the exterior of your home. We then make a targeted prevention plan to eliminate all the pests that you are dealing with.
Competitive Prices
We believe that pest control services should not break the bank. That is why we offer a price match guarantee on top of our low prices. We are always happy to offer you the best price. If you find the same service for a lower price, we'll match that price.

Quarterly treatments have the Best guarantee.

The best way to effectively keep pests away is with a thorough treatment and then to proceed with our Preventative Pest Control. We highly suggest our Quarterly treatments for a year round barrier, there are no extra fees or contracts to sign if you choose this option. Matter of fact when you opt in for quarterly treatments you save $40 a year! We will provide the inspection to find out what pests need to be targeted. We then apply the initial treatment that thoroughly eliminates all current pests. Next we will begin our preventative services that will keep all pests away for good. Every three months we re-spray, re trap, and re-dust and this continues on for as long as you want to continue with quarterly treatments. Winter treatment is included in our Quarterly treatments.

100% Guarantee
We offer a No Insect Guarantee or we will come back and apply another treatment for free.
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Your Payment Options
We accept many payment types.
We offer Square Installments for Bed Bug Treatments.
Square Installments
We are offering Square installments to help you pay for the Bed Bug services you need.
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